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About Me

Hi! I'm Nicole. I graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 2005. I specialize in Therapeutic Massage, including Deep Tissue, Sports, and Injury Treatment styles. (Sorry, not a fluffy light therapist. However, I do incorporate feel-good moves and a good warm-up pre-deep tissue is very important). My goal is to leave you feeling relaxed but worked - so you get max benefits that last. 


Outside of doing massage therapy - I love spending time with my family, traveling (and helping people plan trips), photography, animals (esp my year old "puppy" Willow), baking, scuba diving, waterfalls, and working out. I taught TaeKwonDo for 20 years, have done yoga on and off since high school, love Orange Theory, and got a Peloton as my Covid splurge (NinjaLMT here lol).

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