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Common Questions

Do you take insurance?

Sorry, but I do not. 
I can however, provide a detailed receipt, that you can then submit to your insurance to get reinbursed if you have out of network benefits.

Can I schedule online?

I have not added this feature, primarily because I do have some flexibility in time depending on the day. 
Please call, text, or message via social media to make an appointment.

Covid Precautions


Even if you test negative for Covid, if you are sick, it is best to wait on a massage. 

I have an air filter in the room that filters down to .01 microns + I wipe down and change everything between each client. 

Should I do anything special after my massage


  • Drink plenty of water. You should pee clear by the time you go to bed. If you get a headache, it's most likely because you have not had enough water. 

  • An Epsom Salt Bath is amazing - saturate the water with salt (like the whole bag), and drink extra extra water.

  • Ice if you are sore

Does Deep Tissue Hurt?

You will certainly feel a Deep Tissue massage, however it should be a "good" pain, and not a "bad" pain. Communication is key!!

Good Pain = Breathe through-able, talk though-able, even if you are thinking wow, this is uncomfortable. 

Bad Pain = Holding your breath, tensing to "tolerate" the pressure, and/or wanting to curse at me, lol

What do I wear?

Please undress to your comfort level. Some people wear underwear, some do not. It only really makes a difference if specific glute work is being done.

Regardless, you will be professionally draped with the sheet the entire time.

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